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In Last Day on Earth, Survival is the Only Goal

A zombie survival game, Last Day on Earth set in the year 2027 when an outbreak of unknown zombie turns the world upside down. It is a very chaotic situation and staying alive is the most important thing or the game over.

This game allows you to play alone but you can also create allies with other players. Chat room is available for you to communicate with other players. However, in the real zombie apocalypse, you can only trust yourself and your gun. The ally you made may shoot you from the back at any time. Therefore, be very careful when team up with others.

You may never think that partner who was saved you before could turn away from you but everything is possible. You need to strengthen yourself and be intelligent so no one could harm you. Yet, do not say no to join a clan. At least, it gives you higher chance to survive.

To make the game interesting, they create various vehicles for your survival, including a chopper to fly you above the walking hordes. Difficulties make the game more challenging as you may not dead due to zombie attack but you may killed by wild animal or dead due to hunger, thirst, and cold. New territories are there for you to explore. There would be military bunkers, abandoned city ruins, and other interesting places. Travel along regions and build your shelters.

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